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Dolphins & Stingersuits

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In last week’s blog I wrote about Lily and the Blue tongue and included a picture of Jazzie in a snakeskin stinger suit. That photo was taken at our local beach which consequently reminded me we hadn’t been for weeks and I was having serious withdrawal symptoms.

Of late the weather has been quite dismal and wet which has drastically curtailed our much-loved beach time however last Sunday was a ‘ripper of a day’ so Neil and I decided to pack the prawns and rose’ and head down to what I call ‘our beach’, better known as Burwood to everyone else, just past Merewether Beach.

The temperature was near perfect, 28 Celsius and with barely a cloud in the sky I felt I was in heaven. Over lunch, we watched a couple surfers do battle with some sloppy looking waves and then, as if on cue, the resident pod of dolphins swam past which always brings a childlike smile to my face.

Sometimes I pinch myself just to make sure I’m not dreaming and I’m actually lucky enough to live in such a wonderful place.

After lunch we decided to have a quick swim (don’t tell mom I didn’t wait the hour after eating) and although the water was still fairly warm, I basically just got wet then stretched out on my towel for a much needed kip.

Neil and I were quite tired as we had gone to a girlfriend’s place for dinner the night before and had a rather interesting and robust conversation which lasted quite some time. In fact, when I looked at my watch I thought the battery had died for it read 4:10. Surely not!! Proves the adage true, time does indeed fly when you’re having fun.

Needless to say, as neither of us are used to burning the midnight oil, we both flaked out rather quickly. Just as I was beginning to dream about dolphins wearing Exotic Waterwear’s snakeskin stinger suits, Neil nudged me awake saying it was time to head home.

Dolphins in stinger suits, now that’s a bit out there don’t you think?

Lily and the Blue Tongue

Inspiration for this week’s blog came while hanging stingersuits to dry after a photoshoot and I saw Lily watching a beautiful blue tongue lizard eating a worm on our back lawn. Although cats are blue tongue’s worst predator, Lily, our little rescue cat, is afraid of her own shadow so she just sits and watches.For those of you who [...]

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Stinger suit Autumn

Down here in Australia, with the arrival of March, we’ve shifted from summer to autumn and although for some that may mean less beach time, it certainly doesn’t mean less stinger suit time. Seasonal change happens 4 times throughout the year and is marked by changes in the weather, hours of daylight and in the way [...]

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Surfest & Stinger Suits

Recently we were doing a stinger suit photo shoot on one of our local beaches and once more it struck me how extremely lucky I am to live where I do. It was yet another glorious picture perfect blue sky day and although quite warm, the beaches were not in any way what one would call “crowded”.One of our models [...]

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As much fun as I’m having developing Exotic Waterwear’s brand via stinger suit photo shoots, weekly blogs and social media, occasionally certain events put things in perspective and recent bushfires in the central west of New South Wales is indeed a sobering example. This past summer has been a long hot one and we’ve been warned numerous times about the [...]

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Super Cool Cardinal Fish

In last week’s blog I highlighted just how far men have climbed up the evolutionary ladder and now we see them beginning to look after themselves (for example UPF 50+ Stinger suits for sun protection ) and taking a far greater role in the care and raising of their children. Some women may say “about time” however I say “good [...]

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Real Men and Stinger Suits

This week’s blog is regarding men, “real men” and stinger suits. Years ago there was an expression “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche” which came from a book of the same name. Basically it was a satirical look at male stereotypes, you know, beer swilling, steak chewing, flannel shirt types versus those more, shall I say, sophisticated men who knew to [...]

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Australia Day Camping

Belated Happy Australia Day!! In last week’s blog I wrote about the effective protection our UPF 50+ stinger suits provide and given the upcoming Australia Day holiday I felt it very timely. This year, instead of going to the beach for Australia Day and given we had a 4 day weekend, Neil and I went bush camping at friend’s remote property [...]

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Stinger suits and sun protection

In last week’s blog I highlighted the effectiveness of an Exotic Waterwear UPF 50+ stinger suit in providing sun protection for your skin. I included a link to short video that is well worth watching however while doing background research I found another great video that has 3 ordinary people tell their story. Please do yourself and loved ones a favour [...]

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The Answer and the Question

The answer for today’s blog is a UPF 50+ stinger suit from Exotic Waterwear. The question arises from the Channel 9 Today Show News this morning, when it talked about skin cancer, specifically melanoma. According to the show, 80,000 people will develop skin cancer here in the next 5 years and 10,000 will die from it! We’ve highlighted skin cancer [...]

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