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Kirtley & Bob Stinger Suit Magic

When I began designing stinger suits and Exotic Waterwear was born, I didn’t realise the journey would include my meeting so many truly welcoming people. Kirtley Leigh (underwater model, http://underwatermodel.wixsite.com/underwatermodel) and Bob Halstead (renowned underwater photopgrapher) are two who readily come to mind.In an earlier blog I wrote about their attributes, skills, achievements and passions http://www.exoticwaterwear.com.au/blog/kirtley-leigh-bob-halstead-stingersuits/ however as my associations with [...]

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Stinger suits and microplastics

Stinger suit use makes our recreational life more enjoyable by protecting us from nasties like jellyfish, however what’s protecting the jellyfish and ocean from the nasties we produce; microplastics?Until our local TV station showed the winner of its Marine Video Challenge, I knew practically nothing about microplastics, but this sparked my interest. With over 85% of plastic in the marine environment [...]

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Tattoos and stinger suits

Well, blow me down, here’s another great use for our funky UPF50+ stinger suits! Clients have purchased them to protect their tattoos from the damaging rays of the sun; their ink is quite an investment so naturally anything to prevent it from fading is well worth it. Stunning Paige has amazing body art, amazing yoga talent; and is an all [...]

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They're Back!

They’re Back!Here in Australia, as we leave the chilly grip of winter and embrace the warmer spring season, stinger suit orders increase and Neil ‘cracks the shits” over the magpies. All this fuss over a bird may come as a surprise to you in the northern hemisphere, however the Australian Magpie is a wee bit different.A most highly regarded [...]

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Don't dis their ability!

The other day I was organising stinger suit photos for my social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Tumblr) when it struck me how you often don’t appreciate what you have until it is taken away.When I was 23, due to an industrial accident, I burnt and crushed my index finger on my right hand. The doctors at [...]

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Dump the Olympics?

When I heard the Rio Olympics were on, I contemplated how I could place an Exotic Waterwear stinger suit into the action however, after hearing the myriad of troubles that plagued the games, I’m glad I couldn’t. Everything from the massive budget over runs (typical it seems of most Olympics), unfathomable corruption, traffic chaos, water pollution, green colored water in [...]

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Burkinis and Exotic Waterwear

From bikinis to stingersuits, it seems nothing has been as emotive to the beach going public as the controversial burkini ban in France and recent photos.First things first, what exactly is a burkini? Designed in Australia, put simply, it’s a style of swimming costume that you can wear which covers the arms, legs and hair. This, for some, [...]

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Unique stinger suits

Although there are various companies that produce stinger suits, they are not all alike, so I would like to tell you what makes Exotic Waterwear’s stingersuits unique.Firstly, we need to define unique. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, unique is ‘being the only existing one of it’s type or, more general, unusual, or special in some way”.During the [...]

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Stinger suit gold

My Exotic Waterwear stinger suits keep me interested in any water activity news. Unlike most, I’m not a big Olympics fan but I like the water sports. With all the drama of the problems in Brazil, the reports of muggings and robberies, it was cool to hear a news story that made me smile and think “the world’s better [...]

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Stinger suits and BLU

Neil, colorful stinger suits and my MR2 are three things I’m terribly passionate about (not necessarily in that order) so this week I'd like to share with you the story of my baby, BLU.I’ve never really been a car person; they just get you from “A” to “B”, hopefully with the least amount of fuss. However, one Saturday about [...]

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