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State of Bewilderment

Strange subject for a blog about stingersuits but from last week’s ‘State of Euphoria’ blog, I now find myself in a sad ‘state of bewilderment’.Unless you’ve just landed from another planet or been hiding under a rock, you will no doubt have heard of the numerous terrorist attacks that have dotted the globe.Normally I try to avoid social [...]

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State of Euphoria Stinger Suits

From last week’s blog on ‘State of Origin’ stinger suits, this week I’m in a ‘State of Euphoria”! Let me explain.One of Exotic Waterwear’s beautiful models, Jazz, has been in my life since she was a wee babe. Over the intervening years, I have watched her blossom into a wonderful, responsible young woman. Constantly striving to do her [...]

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State of Origin Stinger Suits

In last week’s blog I speculated on a possible new colorful stinger suit pattern based on “Dory”, the Regal Blue Tang. This week is about ‘State of Origin’ and you know what? I think I’ve already got that one covered. The above pic is a sad Blue's supporter after another loss this year!For those of you who [...]

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Regal Blue Tang Stingersuits

As a scuba diver with years of experience, a colorful stinger suit, regs, fins and, amongst other things, a well worn DVD of “Finding Nemo” are all essentials in my kit bag.Much beloved in the diving community, in 2003 this animated film from Pixar became an absolute sensation, thrusting the Ocellaris Clownfish into the worldwide spotlight. As such, you [...]

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Humpback Whales

Last week Neil and I were out scouting new locations for Exotic Waterwear stinger suit photo shoots when I was elated to see my first Humpback Whale of the season.On the east coast of Australia, what’s known as the ‘Humpback Highway’ comes alive from June to November during the annual Humpback migration. This ultra marathon begins in the Antarctic [...]

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​Colorful stinger suits and music

Fashionable stinger suits by Exotic Waterwear, painful jellyfish stings and our increasing health risk from sun exposure aren’t the topics this week. Instead I’d like to share with you another heart wrenching recording artist Neil recently introduced me to; Beth Hart.Born in 1972, this American singer / songwriter has, like many of us, had her share of ups and downs. [...]

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Test Your Knowledge of Melanoma

Exotic Waterwear has shipped UPF50+ sunprotection stinger suits to customers worldwide and they’ve been used for a multitude of purposes, a major one being sun protection. As we all know, this has become increasingly important due to the thinning of earth’s ozone layer as scientists estimate that for every 1% loss in the layer, there could be a 4 [...]

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Vivid Stinger Suits

Last week I wrote about the recent photo shoot with Josie and Tanika modeling Exotic Waterwear's stinger suits and the fun we had. This week it’s about the surprise weekend I organized to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary and the fun we had there as well.Sydney had developed a wonderful 23 day festival of light and music called VIVID and [...]

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Stingersuit photo shoot

Instead of anything about stinger suits, over the past 3 weeks, my blog was focused on an accident I had whilst canyoning and highlighted the incredible effort that went into my rescue. I have to admit, even though it’s been some years, when I reviewed the video I felt a lump in my throat and a tear in the [...]

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Broken Leg and Stingersuits Part 3

Here’s the continuation of last week’s blog, part 2. If you haven’t read part 1 and 2, please do as none of this will make sense! Here’s the links: www.exoticwaterwear.com.au/blog/canyoning-accident-/www.exoticwaterwear.com.au/blog/broken-leg-and-sti...The hard yards were done for me, I was safe. But all those exhausted men below still had to retrieve ropes, break camp, pack up and carry the rescue equipment, [...]

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