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Broken Leg and Stingersuits Part 2

Here’s the continuation of last week’s blog, part 2 about my canyoning accident where I broke my leg. If you haven’t read part 1, please do as none of this will make sense! Here’s the link: www.exoticwaterwear.com.au/blog/canyoning-accident-/ After a long, cold night, thankfully, daylight finally came, but the rain hadn’t abated and the water was lapping at the sides [...]

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Canyoning Accident

In last week’s blog, I strayed from stingersuits and wrote about a fantastic sport Neil and I got into here in Australia called canyoning - and why I love it so much. There are so many uses for a stingersuit, I wear mine canyoning under my wetsuit to make it easier to get the wetsuit off and [...]

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Canyoning and stingersuits?

I've been canyoning for almost 20 years now and upon taking up the pastime, little did I realise how important a part it and stingersuits would play in my life!First off, for those who don’t know what canyoning is (canyoneering in the US or Kloofing in South Africa) an internet search describes it as “the [...]

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Manta Rays and Stingersuits

One of the very first dive holidays Neil and I went on was to Lady Elliott Island where, in the sunny tropics of Queensland, my combination stinger suit and matching bikini was a godsend. Why Lady Elliott you ask? Check this out! The island resort’s logo is the manta ray, apparently due to the large population there and I was keen [...]

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Anzac Day

I’m laying on a sundrenched West Australia beach, Aimlessly breathing to the cadence of the waves.Thinking of what to write for the blog. It’s Anzac weekend 2016.Gallipoli, 1915, I’m an Aussie digger.A father, a husband, a brother, a son.Predawn check; dark; heart racing…….. afraid.The night sky erupts brutally, relentlessly, hellfire rains down.Whistling shrapnel, torn flesh, broken bones.My God….the searing pain!“Stiff upper lip; give em hell [...]

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How to Train a Cat Hater.

My very favourite Exotic Waterwear stingersuit pattern happens to be the Leopard print. This fact leads me to think about cats, which in turn reminds me we own one, or rather, she owns us! Allow me to elaborate and introduce Lily. I’ve had cats before but have always been more of a dog person. Since moving [...]

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Zen Zone

While in Thailand last year, Neil and I completed a few stingersuit photoshoots then spent a blissful week chilling out in a beautiful resort. When I returned home, I couldn’t believe how truly relaxed I was and promptly wrote a blog on being so zenned out. This ultra calm feeling was shattered recently when just before [...]

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Rabbit Fish & Stingersuits

For this week’s blog I thought I would get back to writing about the marine world, piggy backing on the Easter theme and our stingersuit sale, I want to introduce you to Rabbitfish. Love the cool names they give marine creatures! We all know the Easter bunny is highly unusual in that he has eggs; [...]

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Christelle le Baccon

I can imagine some of you reading this ‘post Easter’ blog will soon be receiving your stingersuit and matching bikini ordered in our Easter sale and some, or both, merrily munching through the chocolate eggs the bunny dropped off (never could figure that one out!) With a sugar hit that could fuel a mission to [...]

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Cindy and her Stingersuits

One of the wonderful things about owning Exotic Waterwear is meeting some of the beautiful people who are wearing my stingersuits. Everyone has a story about their life, and a chapter that is triumphant, or sad, or inspirational, or adventurous or just downright bloody frightening! I recently met a lovely lady from Hawaii who has [...]

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