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International Women's Day

This week’s blog is short and sweet, I want you to have time to listen to the links!International Women’s Day (IWD) is observed on the 8th of March each year to celebrate a host of things from outstanding achievements in business, politics, medicine, sports and the social arena to pure and simple appreciation, love and respect.Every year there is [...]

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The sun and your skin type

The other day an order for an ExoStinger stingersuit came in from a girl in Japan who wanted it to help protect her skin from the damaging rays of the sun. This made me wonder what, if any, differences there are regarding skin reaction to sun exposure in various ethnic groups.As I researched this, I [...]

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​Friends, Fun, Fashion, Stingersuit Photos

Friends, Fun, Fashion, Stingersuit PhotosIn today’s supercharged, frantic paced, mega stressed world, it’s not often you can combine business with pleasure. However, since I’ve been designing and selling Exotic Waterwear stingersuits and matching apparel, I’ve been able to do just that!Case in point; two weekends ago we went to one of our favorite places, the [...]

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Kirtley Leigh, Bob Halstead & stingersuits

Yippeeeee, we’re on the front cover of Dive Log magazine….the beautiful Kirtley Leigh wearing our very own Lisa Bubbles ExoStinger stingersuit. Am I excited? You bet!!The shot was taken by world renowned underwater photographer, Bob Halstead, whilst they were diving on the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns, Queensland, where Kirtley and Bob live. [...]

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Mature Ladies and Stingersuits

Today I'd like to focus on mature women, a healthy lifestyle and how Exotic Waterwear stingersuits fit in.Lately I’ve had quite a number of orders come in for my stinger suits from women who are in the 50 plus age group. It turns out the ladies are using them for everything such as:Playing sun protected [...]

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Son of a Sea Biscuit

Son of a Sea BiscuitAs is our Saturday custom, after working the morning in Neil’s clinic, we rustle up some food, grab towels, ExoStinger stingersuits and make our way to our favorite, fairly deserted beach. Our last outing began as normal, however we had an interesting and rather entertaining interlude.Shortly after arriving on the beach and [...]

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Stingersuits on Australia Day

Stingersuits on Australia DayLast Tuesday was Australia Day and, as it’s a national holiday for the majority, this means a day off work; which is spent in many diverse ways. Some people head to the ”Big Smoke” where there are parades, car rallies, boat races, food fairs, airshows and fireworks, to name a few. Last [...]

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Take it Easy

Sadly, over the past year, the music industry has lost some very famous names and just a couple of days ago Glenn Frey, guitarist and founder of the “Eagles”, died at the age of 67. I imagine most of us have heard their songs and some, like myself, have grown up singing along to them. [...]

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Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving in StingersuitsRecently one of my clients asked if I had ever scuba dived a shipwreck. As I reminisced on my “President Coolidge” experience, I was reminded that this was also where my prototype ExoStinger stingersuit & matching bikini was unveiled all those years ago. This is the only picture I have of it. The [...]

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The Truth about Sunscreen

The Truth about SunscreenSunday was a pearler of a day so Neil and I went to our special beach for lunch and, of course, I took my stingersuit and SPF50+ sunscreen       along with my bottle of Rose, fresh caught prawns and garlic aoli.So we sat indulging, enjoying the glorious day and being thankful for the life [...]

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