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Climate Change and Stingersuits

Climate Change – Let’s Cool It!I suspect the vast majority of Exotic Waterwear stingersuit owners are those who care not only about their own health, but also that of the environment they currently enjoy. The other day an article in a newspaper caught my eye as it was regarding the much loved Great Barrier Reef. [...]

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What a Difference a Week Makes

In last week’s blog, Stingersuit Silver Linings, I wrote about the washed out Swansea Springtime Festival we participated in. This past weekend we were involved in a local fund raiser at our beach for Breast cancer called, appropriately enough, ‘Tubes for Boobs’ and let me tell you, what a difference a week makes! Sun filled [...]

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Stingersuit Silver Linings

Stingersuit Silver LiningsLast week, Exotic Waterwear was invited by Peter at Dive Skate and Ski (DSS) to showcase our unique colorful stingersuits in their market stall at the Swansea Springtime Festival, close to where I live. Since DSS has been trading for years with an enviable reputation for quality and customer service, I was stoked [...]

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Fun Funky Peacock Stingersuit

Fun, Funky Peacock Stingersuit.Last week’s blog highlighted the arrival of Aussie spring, warmer weather and with it the ability to utilise and enjoy Exotic Waterwear’s funky functional stingersuits again. It also prompted a new client to comment on how wonderfully ‘fun’ she thought our product is, in particular the Tahnya peacock design which she felt mirrored the iconic bird’s [...]

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Exotic Waterwear StingerSuits Brighten Your World

Exotic Waterwear Stinger Suits Brighten Your WorldWell, we’ve just seen the end of winter here in Australia and recorded the coolest temperatures in years. I am so looking forward to thawing out, the warmer days of spring plus getting back into the water in my stingersuits and matching bikinis. Neil and I both found this winter [...]

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Where Art Thou My Gallant Knight?

Two weeks ago I wrote about the “Nemo”, the clownfish which, as it turns out, is really a subspecies of Damselfish. As you’ll see, damselfish and Exotic Waterwear have a lot in common, for they are both vibrant, brightly coloured and ‘bold as all get out’. With around 250 different species, you’ll find some bizarre colour [...]

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Sneak up on a Frogfish in a Stingersuit

Sneak up on a Frogfish in a StingersuitWow, I must tell you, last week’s blog on clownfish really stirred up interest in colourful tropical fish. With that in mind, this week I’m going to tell you a bit about Frogfish, which I first saw while doing underwater photos for Exotic Waterwear stinger suits. Honestly, I [...]

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Exotic Nemo Inspires Stinger Suits

Exotic Nemo Inspires Stinger Suits When I first took up scuba diving, I was so intensely focused on monitoring my air gauge (which dropped faster than a lead balloon) that I hardly noticed the aquatic world around me. After a number of anxious dives, I calmed down, managed to get more than 5 minutes out of [...]

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Skin Cancer and Stinger Suits

Some months ago I wrote a blog about skin cancer and how my Exotic Waterwear stinger suits could help lessen your risk of developing it. Well, it seems I should have started making them much earlier and my darling husband should have been wearing them. Let me explain.For a couple of years Neil had noticed a small dry patch of [...]

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Tropical Tiger and Stinger Suits

As Exotic Waterwear clients venture to the tropics enjoying both their stinger suits and leisure time, I thought it prudent to warn you about the tigers. Not the furry terrestrial pussycat on steroids but the one lurking about the ocean with the ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude.Recently on social media, then television, pictures were shown of a 4 meter tiger [...]

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