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Anzac Day 2017

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This year’s Easter Sale on stinger suits has seen it reach ANZAC Day so for my international followers who don’t know what ANZAC Day is, here’s a great YouTube link to bring you up to speed. This is a very important day of the year, one that we all need to respect and observe.

Although there were 8,709 Aussies and 2,721 Kiwis killed during the 8 months spent on Gallipoli, they left behind a powerful legacy which became known as the “ANZAC Legend”.

Since April 25th was the day of their first major military action in WW 1, it’s been designated as a day of remembrance, not just for Gallipoli, but to commemorate all Australian and New Zealand service men and women who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peace keeping operations.

At dawn, the time of the Gallipoli landing, sombre commemorative services are held. Then later in the day, crowds of people, young and old, line main streets to clap and cheer as service men and women proudly march through major cities and small country towns.

Here in Newcastle we have a new ANZAC walkway overlooking both the city and ocean side that has become extremely popular with locals. I love to see young families taking part, teaching today’s children to remember and respect the sacrifices of those long since departed who have given us the freedoms we all enjoy today.

One ANZAC tradition that my Neil has eagerly embraced is the consumption of vast amounts of ANZAC biscuits, something he has become masterful at! Legend has it these hard tack biscuits were made by soldier’s wives and sent to them overseas because the ingredients do not spoil quickly and they transport well.

Well, my little soldier is in for a treat, instead of from the supermarket, I'm whipping up a batch for him tonight. For those out there who want to give them a go, here’s a link to make them at home.

Another interesting ANZAC tradition is a game called “two up” something played by soldiers to keep themselves entertained. Played outside local watering holes on ANZAC day (the only day allowed), it attracts scores of punters (gamblers).

ANZAC day, like Remembrance Day in Canada and other Memorial days worldwide, is often marked by wearing a red poppy.

Here’s a thought. If you find yourself participating in outdoor sports on the 25th you can still show Remembrance by wearing a “Lucy Fire” stinger suit for you’ll look like a field of poppies!

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