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Australia Day Camping

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Belated Happy Australia Day!!

In last week’s blog I wrote about the effective protection our UPF 50+ stinger suits provide and given the upcoming Australia Day holiday I felt it very timely.

This year, instead of going to the beach for Australia Day and given we had a 4 day weekend, Neil and I went bush camping at friend’s remote property on the Barrington River, about 2 hours from Newcastle.


We left early in the morning and stopped off at a little bakery (Ma Baker’s) in Booral for breakfast. I had a sausage roll with cheese and Neil had a yummy chunky steak, bacon and cheese pie plus he thought brekkie should always include an Oreo cheese cake slice (which we shared). Who was I to argue!

The trip there was absolutely awash with wildlife, everything from our local Aussie Kangaroos to imported smiley face lamas from South America.

Once off the beaten track our David Attenboroughish experience continued when a rarely seen beautiful Lyrebird flew across the road in front of us!


We next saw a group of 3 rabbits hop into the scrub and shortly thereafter, sunbaking on a rock, was an Eastern Water Dragon (small lizard).

A flock of Galahs took off as we rounded a bend and when we arrived, as if to announce our coming, a family of Kookaburras ‘cackled’.

Once they saw how much stuff we were setting up the ‘cackle’ was definitely more a laugh! Everything including the kitchen sink comes with us for a long weekend however it does make the stay that much more enjoyable. I mean you never really know if you’ll need that salad spinner but so very thankful you brought one along!


Small brown and blue wrens flitted about while we set up camp then a couple of Crimson Rosellas escorted us when we went for a short walk. Neil’s still trying to figure out what the little red headed bird was and I swear there was a Kite that swooped along the river in front of our camp.

Friend’s joined us for a traditional Aussie day lamb roast cooked in the camp oven over the fire. Here's a cute utube video showing how it's done!

Then, before they headed home the next morning, Neil’s homemade buttermilk pancakes from his mom’s secret recipes provided sustenance.

Our days were spent walking, swimming, eating, reading, sleeping, drinking, and plain old relaxing.

On the last night our friends who own the property came up and we put on another camp oven meal but this time it was a lovely slow cooked roast beef.


As you can probably tell, it was a good thing we managed to get in all those walks and swims!    

Needless to say, I am totally refreshed, relaxed, reinvigorated and ready to fill the next order for one of Exotic Waterwear’s stinger suits.

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