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Burkinis and Exotic Waterwear

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From bikinis to stingersuits, it seems nothing has been as emotive to the beach going public as the controversial burkini ban in France and recent photos.

First things first, what exactly is a burkini? Designed in Australia, put simply, it’s a style of swimming costume that you can wear which covers the arms, legs and hair. This, for some, can be for religious or cultural reasons and for others it’s a great way to minimize the harmful effects of the sun on your skin. Take Nigella Lawson for instance, who adopted the costume to protect her fair skin.

From the ‘timing is everything file’ just yesterday Aussie supermodel Elle MacPherson appeared on channel 9’s ‘Today Show’ and was asked ‘What advice would you give your younger self?” Her reply ‘I probably would have said don’t get too much sun’. MacPherson admits that they never knew how damaging the sun could be. Great advice from a lady who’s ‘been there, done that’. http://www.9jumpin.com.au/show/today/today-takeaway/2016/august/elle-macpherson-gives-advice-to-younger-self/

So why the burkini ban? In France, religion is supposed to be completely separate from other parts of life in public. This means that symbols of religion are banned in some public places. It seems that some politicians now argue this should include the burkini.

A beach outfit showing in an ostentatious manner a religious affiliation, given that France and religious places are currently the target of terrorist acts, has the nature of creating risk of troubles of public order (mobs, conflicts, etc.) that are necessary to be prevented” said the new ban.

After a few occurrences where women were ordered to remove items of clothing, and that picture of the lady on the beach in a burkini surrounded by 4 police officers (apparently she was given a ticket for not “wearing an outfit respecting good morals and secularism) went viral; some in the western world voiced their concerns. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/burkini-ban-france-french-police-muslim-women-hijab-burka-latest-news-court-ruling-a7213856.html

I find it ironic that, over the past few years I’ve heard people here in Australia get up in arms and become quite vocal when they are told they can’t wear whatever they want while travelling is some Muslim countries. If we in the west start imposing bans on various forms of Muslim dress, aren’t we guilty of the very same restrictive thinking?

Since the photo surfaced, there has been a word wide public outcry and the burkini ban is now illegal in France, according to the country’s highest administrative court ruling.

From what I understand, women in Muslim countries wear a broad range of swimwear from bikinis to full-length garments, reflecting their personal tastes and understanding of their individual faith. I believe we all have the right to wear whatever the heck we want so long as it isn’t offensive to others. But then I guess what is offensive is subjective.

At the end of the day, we here at Exotic Waterwear, have got you fashionably covered, whether it’s a bikini, stingersuit or the burkini combo. Check out the website and choose the style, color, and print that best suits your unique personality and safely enjoy your fun in the sun. 

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