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Cyclone Debbie

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This week’s blog focuses on cyclone Debbie and trust me, as fabulous as our stinger suits are, I don’t think they could have helped change the temperament of this angry girl!

Meteorologists had been continually monitoring the buildup and were able to give advance warning as to the estimated pathway and subsequent landfall arrival time.

Thankfully this information enabled people to take precautions to secure property or evacuate the area. However, unfortunately there were some who got caught out and had to weather the storm.

For example, on Hamilton Island (where we chartered a yacht 2 years ago for my birthday), island residents plus resort guests and staff had to bunker down in bathrooms and ride it out.

With wind gusts between 209 and 251 km/h, snarky Debbie tore off roofs, snapped trees like match sticks and downed power lines, creating an even more dangerous situation.

As if the above wasn’t enough, the rainfall that followed was in a word “epic”. I heard of one location that was inundated with almost 800 millimeters in a 24-hour period. OMG!!!!!!!!!

With so much destructive power unleashed upon the East Coast of Australia it is inevitable the damage bill will be beyond ginormous.

From far north Queensland down to Sydney in New South Wales, many towns have been flooded, their main streets literally becoming a torrent of muddy contaminated water.

Stories began to be told of traumatized people huddled on roof tops or car bonnets (hoods) waiting to be rescued all the while warding off dangerous snakes also searching for higher ground. Could you even begin to imagine how terrifying that would be?

Bridges have been swept away, roads badly damaged, businesses wiped out, crops ruined and livestock either stranded or drowned.

Most of those things will painstakingly be replaced but tragically, so far, 8 people have lost their lives in the flood waters and another 3 are still missing.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to everyone touched by “Debbie”, as mother nature displays one of her most brutal of moods, thereby reminding us once again who is truly boss!!

Till next time, stay safe!

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