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Easter stingersuit time

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Easter eggs, hot cross buns, fish Friday, stinger suits and go go boots…. huh? Well, four out of five isn’t too bad.

To be honest with you I’ve never been a fan of the old hot cross bun, but Neil loves them, so each year I score brownie points and bake a batch just for him.

And yes boys and girls it’s that time again! Rather than slowly hopping our way towards Easter, this year it feels as though we’ve been catapulted!

Is it just me or does it seem that with each passing year the time interval between New Year’s Eve and Easter weekend diminishes? Neil claims it’s due to something he calls the metric calendar. Give me strength!

Personally, I reckon pretty soon Santa and the Easter bunny will become the world’s next ‘power couple’. You know, it would be a most welcome change from the 'Kim and Kanye' show!

To celebrate the season, I have decided to put on a sale so dust off your Easter bonnet and pick an Exotic Waterwear stinger suit that will match. Get a free string bikini with every stingersuit (enter code EASTER at checkout) OR 20% off storewide (enter code EASTER20 at checkout)!

Trust me, you’ll be the “Belle’ of the Ball” and the others, well, they’ll be hopping mad they didn’t think to get one!!

On a serious note, regardless of our religious beliefs, it would be wonderful if we could all take this holiday time to be kind to one another, unite and respect each other’s celebrations and cultures.

Have a fabulous Easter everyone, stay safe and enjoy those calories! You can always diet later!

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