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Garage Sale Instead of Stinger Suits

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Instead of stinger suits, last week I wrote about something called “Sea Bins” This week it’s all about decluttering via the garage sale or “dust bins”!

It seems to me the human animal has an insatiable desire, undoubtedly within their DNA, to collect, store and hoard as much stuff (aka crap) as they can.

People race around like “squirrels storing nuts for the winter” as they purchase bargain after bargain to be used once, then stored so well it never sees the light of day!

If you happen to be someone who relocates frequently, potentially you offload a certain amount of “accumulated treasure” with each move, thereby limiting your overall COL (collection of crap).

Well, since Neil and I have lived at our current address for almost 24 years, our COL has become a SLOC (shit load of crap).

I told Neil it was time to declutter and if we hadn’t used it in the past 2 years, then it was going in the garage sale or dust bin.

To his credit, he got in spirit of things, thinned out his high school tee-shirt collection, tossed out some smelly old grass stained running shoes and even parted with his first ever serious backpack, unused for the past 15 years. Lord knows why he kept the broken drill bit, microscopic off cuts of plywood and a galvanized fence post but, bless his little heart, by then he needed a moral victory of some description.

I advertised we would open at seven a.m. so right on time (six a.m.) the dealers started sniffing around like bloodhounds ferreting out for bargains they could resell at markets or on-line.

Slowly, as the day wore on, Mr. and Mrs. Average came by to look at what amazing treasures (crap) we were trying to flog (rehome to a worthy recipient).

It’s quite interesting the sorts of people who turn up at garage sales.

We had some nice folk, extremely interesting to speak with, very appreciative of what they purchased while some were a little more reserved but still respectful.

Then there were the low life’s who stole three hair pieces. I mean really, stealing a $15 hair piece at a garage sale! Neil reckons Karma will get them, I hope they’re wearing a blonde hair piece when it does.

We also had some wonderful interaction with children and one little 4-year-old girl was absolutely “over the moon” with my old stuffed bear. When she found out he was a 30-year-old Canadian “Christmas” polar bear, her face lit up and she hugged it so hard I thought his plastic eyes would pop off. She thought she got a bargain at $2, we thought her reaction was priceless!

Closing the garage door at the end of the day, I looked over the now empty space on the shelving and said, “Wow, now there’s room for more stinger suits”.

All Neil muttered was “holy FITS” (fashion in the shed)!

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