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Kirtley & Bob Stinger Suit Magic

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When I began designing stinger suits and Exotic Waterwear was born, I didn’t realise the journey would include my meeting so many truly welcoming people. Kirtley Leigh (underwater model, http://underwatermodel.wixsite.com/underwatermodel) and Bob Halstead (renowned underwater photopgrapher) are two who readily come to mind.

In an earlier blog I wrote about their attributes, skills, achievements and passions http://www.exoticwaterwear.com.au/blog/kirtley-leigh-bob-halstead-stingersuits/ however as my associations with them developed, I’ve learned just how much they care about the environment, life and each other. Their long-time friendship and working relationship blossomed into love and they have recently become engaged, with wedding ideas planned for June 2017! Such a perfectly suited couple, I’m sure they’ll be super happy together!

Some time ago the three of us talked about developing an exclusive collection, ‘the Bob Halstead Collection’ that would be patterned after a species of fish that Bob had discovered. This is still in the works and hopefully in a few years Kirtley will be gracing the covers of dive magazines in it. The aim is then to have it available for the general public. In the meantime I had designed an exclusive stinger suit for Kirtley until the ‘Bob Halstead Collection’ is complete. Unfortunately, just as the suit was finished, Bob fell ill and, understandably, all their energy has been directed towards his recovery.

I’m happy to report that he is well on the road to recovery but still some hurdles to go through with another op this week. He seems to have come through it though with flying colours; goes to show you can’t keep a good man down! We wish him all the best positive vibes for continued good progress.

And good news for all you ‘fish lovers’, Bob has released his App for Apple and Android - Bob Halstead's Coral Sea Fish Guide. https://m.facebook.com/coralseafishguide/, super cool detailed handy reference!

Bob managed to get back in the water last week and he and Kirtley had a magic time on their friend’s boat snorkeling and playing in the new suit. Of course Bob’s photos are magnificent and Kirtley her usual stunning self with that gorgeous blonde hair doing its thing and showing off the new ‘Kirtley’ suit.

I must admit I am really proud of this suit, but sorry ladies, sadly it is a one off and only for Kirtley’s use.

When you look at the photos I’m sure you’ll agree that Kirtley wearing an Exotic Waterwear stinger suit photographed by Bob is indeed a stunning combination!

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