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Ocean Seabins

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Instead of writing about stinger suits, this week’s blog will highlight something called “Sea Bins”.

The other night Neil and I were watching Foreign Correspondent on the ABC and saw an interesting documentary showing the tremendous environmental work these Aussie surfers are attempting to do.

The whole idea is to produce an automated vacuum system that literally sucks in sea water containing rubbish, filters it out, then returns the cleaned water back to the ocean.

During the documentary, you get a feel for the team and quickly realize they are truly good, dedicated people trying their very best to help clean up the environment they so love.

If you missed the program, click on this link and you can be brought up to speed on what these fine people are attempting to do. http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2016/s4655083.htm

I particularly loved what he said near the end of the show, “Sea bin’s not going to save the world but it’s a step in the right direction”.

Here at Exotic Waterwear, we too have that philosophy and that’s why when you purchase a stinger suit or a matching bikini from us, you can chose which charity / environmental research / medical research a percentage of your purchase price will go to.

Hopefully, by adding to the “collective we” this beautiful planet of ours can, and will remain so.

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