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Real Men and Stinger Suits

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This week’s blog is regarding men, “real men” and stinger suits.

Years ago there was an expression “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche” which came from a book of the same name.

Basically it was a satirical look at male stereotypes, you know, beer swilling, steak chewing, flannel shirt types versus those more, shall I say, sophisticated men who knew to separate their whites when doing laundry and actually enjoyed a conversation over a glass of wine!

Well I’m delighted to report men are slowly evolving from their Neanderthal root-stalk through the Cro-Magnon period to join us Homo sapiens sapiens (not a typo, the double sapiens signifies modern man) in this current millennium.

Quite a leap boys and congratulations.

So what this means today is we find previous flannel wearing, axe wielding men are donning an apron picking up a whisk and venturing into the mystical world of “the kitchen” and fashion.

In the kitchen they have learned all manner of skills which include making and, oddly enough, enjoying a quiche!!!!!!!!!!

It’s nice to see attitudes are a changing and we are starting to see that reflected with an increase of sales of Exotic Waterwear stinger suits to men.

Men are beginning to realise they too get skin cancer, no matter their skin colour, and this link shows they actually have a worse outcome than the ladies do from it.


Many factors of course come in to play.

According to a study in the USA only 51% of men surveyed said they used sunscreen so that, coupled with the “shirt off” out-doors pursuits men participate in, means they are extremely vulnerable to the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Research contained within this link states that men tended to have a greater amount of sun cancer on their back and that which was found was seen to be thicker than in women. Take a second and check this out.

Therefore it doesn’t matter if you’re a snorkeler, spear fisherman, surfer, SUP rider or paddle a kayak, 

it’s a no-brainer; cover up. And women like the fact that their men are finally smartening up and taking an interest in being safe and looking good!

The easiest way to that and look super cool in the process is by using an Exotic Waterwear UPF 50+ stinger suit.

Get a UV sun protection stingersuit and save a life. It could be very well be your own!

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