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Stinger suits and sun protection

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In last week’s blog I highlighted the effectiveness of an Exotic Waterwear UPF 50+ stinger suit in providing sun protection for your skin.

I included a link to short video that is well worth watching however while doing background research I found another great video that has 3 ordinary people tell their story.

Please do yourself and loved ones a favour and watch this  www.yourtimeinthesun.com which succinctly explains how we acquire sun related skin damage, what it can lead to, followed by some pretty interesting personal stories. The video is done really well and brings it home exactly why we ALL need to take precautions.

Here are the three stories, by real people who kindly share their experience.

Unfortunately many darker skinned people feel they don’t need sun protection but as we found out last week their skin colour provides minimal protection, about a 3 sun factor, hardly enough.

For my mind it’s a no brainer, get an Exotic Waterwear stinger suit and help save a life. It could be your own.

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