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Surfest & Stinger Suits

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Recently we were doing a stinger suit photo shoot on one of our local beaches and once more it struck me how extremely lucky I am to live where I do. It was yet another glorious picture perfect blue sky day and although quite warm, the beaches were not in any way what one would call “crowded”.

One of our models and friend, Josie, was available for a shoot which I was very grateful for and I think we ended up with some fantastic shots at Nobby’s Beach. It was super hot, but being the trooper she is, she hung in there….On ya Josie!!!!!!!!!!

Driving home we saw some flags and signage for Surfest at Merewether Beach and then it twigged; maybe that’s why Nobby’s beach wasn’t very busy.

For those of you who don’t know, Surfest, according to their website, was developed in 1985 in part “to rid the city of its grime-ridden industrial image and showcase the beauty of Newcastle’s beaches”. It has become the largest surf festival in Australia with numerous surfing events attracting over 700 surfers, including some of the best pros in the world.

Maddie, one of our models who is also a surfer, competed this year and placed well in her division; super proud of her! And wearing one of our stinger suits whilst surfing protects her skin from the sun and those nasty bluebottle stingers that can be such a pain - literally!

Of course, all this wouldn’t be possible without an army of volunteers and various sponsors who work tirelessly to put on a world class event.

Destination NSW plus “Maitland & Port Stevens Toyota” have been major sponsors for some time and it’s thanks to business people like the Burton family, who own the Toyota dealerships, that Surfest survives.


An exciting new event sponsored by Orica has been added to the mix which showcases board riding clubs competing in a team contest. Clubs from up and down our coast can enter a maximum of 5 surfers and must have a least one under 18 year of age.

As you could well imagine, the city’s collective pride swells when hosting events like this and it makes me proud to say I’m a Novocastrian.

Food for thought…wouldn’t all the surfest competitors wearing Exotic Waterwear stinger suits look super cool?

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