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Stingersuits - 24 year

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The inspiration for this week’s blog comes from France, their recent election, and the very fashionable First Lady, Brigitte Trogneux who, just quietly, would totally rock an Exotic Waterwear stinger suit! Take a look at her fashion sense from casual to elegant!

Apart from the fame Emmanuel Macron received for becoming the youngest head of state since Napoleon seized power in 1799, much of the media attention has been given to the 25-year age difference between he and his older wife.

This all seems a tad sexist for the same attention wasn’t given to Donald Trump and his wife Melania, even though it’s the same age gap. Brigette is labeled as a “Cougar” while Donald gets a pat on the back for landing a “Trophy Wife”!

Apparently, Emmanuel and Brigitte’s story is one of “love at first sight” however, due to the fact he was a 15-year-old drama student of her’s, it was indeed forbidden love.

When at 18 he moved to Paris, Brigitte couldn’t be without him and soon left her family to follow her heart. Last year, in an interview for Match magazine, she said, “Love took everything in its path and led me to divorce. It was impossible to resist him.”

It seems the feeling is mutual as prior to the election Emmanuel said, “She will be at my side because she has always been at my side”.

When I look at the relationship I share with Neil, I see numerous parallels and can whole heartedly relate to what they are fortunate enough to have. Personally, I really didn’t believe the fairy tale that was love, never mind “love at first sight” until I met Neil in Canada 25 years ago.

As with most couples, we were initially attracted to one another physically, however, after spending an hour chatting about anything and everything you could think of, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives to together.

Interestingly, I could actually see myself growing old with this man. Like Brigitte I too followed my heart and married a younger man (except not quite the huge age gap). Doesn’t mean we are cougars, just smart!

Well, as it happens, on the 27th of this month we will be celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary. I know that 25 years is traditionally “Silver”. I propose we make 24 years “Stinger Suits”, nice and colourful!

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