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Stinger suit holiday

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After an extremely busy year working 2 jobs plus countless hours promoting Exotic Waterwear stinger suits and accessories, it was time for a much deserved (I feel) break to recharge the batteries. So I’d like to tell you about one of my ultimate ‘chillout’ destinations, KhaoLak, Thailand.

Located about an hour’s drive north of Phuket airport, this area is an ideal destination for couples or families who are seeking a low key, relaxing vacation rather than the high energy night life some pursue.

Neil and I have visited multiple times, every year now for the last 6, generally staying at 2 different resorts each time. All have been lovely and we have returned to some as we have liked them so much. This year’s ‘newbie’ was Bangsak Village Resort, situated north of the main town of KhaoLak and what a sleeper this place turned out to be. It is now by far my favorite resort!

We arrived late at night, the limo pulling into a small unassuming gravel parking lot off the main road. A solid wall with an open doorway intriguingly beckoned us to enter and situated behind was a small pavilion with a phone to contact reception.

A staff member appeared at once to greet us while our luggage was whisked away. From here, an elevated boardwalk meandered through a subtly lit rainforest

to an impressive open walled reception building.

The staff were super nice, very welcoming and quickly had us heading for our accommodation.

We had chosen a Casuarina Cottage and as you’ll see from the photos, it’s really quite nicely appointed (check out the free standing bathtub!)


After a quick orientation walk our hosts bid us goodnight, I started to unpack and Neil poured the wine!

In order to combat the extra calories a holiday brings with it, Neil and I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful 40 meter swimming pool so every morning we were up at 6:30 to swim our kilometer.  

 Feeling we now deserved breakfast, we wandered down to their terrace style restaurant on the beach front for a lovely buffet style brekkie with eggs cooked to order. It’s brilliant to sit right on the beach watching the ocean as you eat.

Then we’d walk the beach for an hour or so and I have to say this area of Khao Lak has some of the best beaches to walk with a fairly firm surface, little coral to hurt the feet, not many deep creeks to cross and a very gentle slope (even at high tide) so ankles, knees and hips don’t take a beating. It’s an absolutely beautiful beach, goes for miles and miles and not many people!

Our hotel package included breakfast and dinner so for lunch we would find a local beachside restaurant or hire a scooter and visit our favourite places in town and explore the countryside. And my matching sundress and bikini were great for from scooter to restaurant! 

The massage ladies at Bangsak's little spa on the beach were wonderful, but if they were booked out, we’d walk a couple of minutes down the beach to ‘Be Friend Massage / restaurant. The ladies there were great as well and the food at the restaurant divine. So magical to sit at a locally made cane table with your feet in the sand dining on the best tempura prawns and watching the fireflies flit around, listening to the waves lapping the shore.

We were so impressed with how attentive the staff at Bangsack were, any request no matter how big or small was acted on immediately.

We both absolutely loved the “intimate feel” of this smaller resort compared to the larger places we have stayed where you feel like just another number. Here we felt so welcome and cared for, the staff were always smiling and lovely.

We adored their little beachside restaurant!

Even though it rained quite a bit while we were there we had a brilliant time. I lived in my Exotic Waterwear sundress, bikini and stingersuit! They are so versatile and easy, look good wet or dry and suit every holiday occasion!

We’ll definitely go back there again next year for another chill session and a brilliant location for another stinger suit photoshoot.

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