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Super Cool Cardinal Fish

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In last week’s blog I highlighted just how far men have climbed up the evolutionary ladder and now we see them beginning to look after themselves (for example UPF 50+ Stinger suits for sun protection ) and taking a far greater role in the care and raising of their children. Some women may say “about time” however I say “good on you boys”.

Thing is fellas, whether you are what people may refer to as a S.N.A.G. or Metrosexual you have a long, long way to catch up to the amazing equal opportunity “Cardinal Fish”.

Fast facts; there about 200 species, majority are marine, tend to live in shallow water, range in size between 5 and 20 cm, typically have 2 dorsal fins, large eyes, a large mouth, and large scales.

Now here’s the interesting bit, the female choses a mate, swims up and releases an egg mass close to his mouth and job done, takes off. Talk about role reversal!

Our “chosen male” does his duty, fertilizes the eggs, then, get this, takes them into his mouth for safe keeping during the incubation period which can be weeks long. This, by the way, is why they are known as mouthbrooders; honest!

During this time he can’t eat for his progeny is in the way. So to take his mind off things, he spends his days stuck at home opening and closing his mouth to rotate and aerate the eggs while the missus is free to do whatever she likes (seems fair to me). This is not without mishap mind you, as it’s estimated about 30% of the eggs are accidently eaten. Well, that’s his story anyway.

Eventually the little fry are developed enough to swim out from the safety of dad’s mouth where they fend for themselves or quickly learn it’s a fish eat fish world out there. Check out some super cool pictures of them by Nicolas Terry in the Daily Mail:


You know, all this makes me think that an Exotic Waterwear ‘Cardinal Fish ‘ patterned stinger suit would be just the ticket for those men who have become fully evolved.

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