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Happy New Year

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Sing to the tune of Auld Lang Syne

Should sunny beachdays be forgot

And never brought to mind.

Should summer seem so far away

Those days you cannot find.

Because you're in the northern climes

It is so bitterly cold.

While we here in the south are warm

In the land with sun so gold.

Yet let us all be as one

for t'is the end of year.

Let's raise our glass, every lass

Toast with champagne or with beer!

Should auld aquaintance be forgot

and never brought to mind.

Let's raise a glass of kindness yet

for auld Lang Syne!

Happy New Year!!!!

Here's to a cracker of a 2017!!!

Christmas Shopping Stinger Suits

As more and more orders for stinger suits come in I’m reminded it’s the ‘silly season’ and the masses are ramping up their Christmas shopping.Drawn like moths to a flame, seemingly sane folk join the annual pilgrimage to the mall only to be spat out hours later, zombie like, a mere shell of their former self.Is it any wonder; I [...]

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Crown of Thorns

The first time I saw a Crown-of-Thorns Starfish (COTS) was while testing a stinger suit design on the Barrier Reef in Northern Queensland.It’s been estimated that 40% of the reef from Cooktown to the Whitsundays has been destroyed by these pests. Each night a COTS will eat it’s own footprint area of healthy coral which equates to almost 11 square [...]

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Stinger Suit Christmas

Here at Exotic Waterwear we just processed an order for a matching stinger suit, bikini and sundress as a Christmas present and I thought…gee, they’re getting in early! I then looked at my calendar and got a nasty shock…Christmas is only 6 and a half weeks away! EEEEEEK!That same old lament…where did the time go?With this ultra fast [...]

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Don't dis their ability!

The other day I was organising stinger suit photos for my social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Tumblr) when it struck me how you often don’t appreciate what you have until it is taken away.When I was 23, due to an industrial accident, I burnt and crushed my index finger on my right hand. The doctors at [...]

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​Friends, Fun, Fashion, Stingersuit Photos

Friends, Fun, Fashion, Stingersuit PhotosIn today’s supercharged, frantic paced, mega stressed world, it’s not often you can combine business with pleasure. However, since I’ve been designing and selling Exotic Waterwear stingersuits and matching apparel, I’ve been able to do just that!Case in point; two weekends ago we went to one of our favorite places, the [...]

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Son of a Sea Biscuit

Son of a Sea BiscuitAs is our Saturday custom, after working the morning in Neil’s clinic, we rustle up some food, grab towels, ExoStinger stingersuits and make our way to our favorite, fairly deserted beach. Our last outing began as normal, however we had an interesting and rather entertaining interlude.Shortly after arriving on the beach and [...]

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The Truth about Sunscreen

The Truth about SunscreenSunday was a pearler of a day so Neil and I went to our special beach for lunch and, of course, I took my stingersuit and SPF50+ sunscreen       along with my bottle of Rose, fresh caught prawns and garlic aoli.So we sat indulging, enjoying the glorious day and being thankful for the life [...]

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Frolicking Fun in Exotic Waterwear Stinger Suits

Friends, Flamboyant, Funky Fashionistas, Frolicking Fun in Exoticwaterwear Stinger Suits!Far too many F’s for you? How about an update on my latest stingersuit, burkini photoshoot? Maybe that should be Foto shoot?Friends Danny and Dee have 3 great children and the two older girls we have watched blossom into beautiful young women. I asked if they [...]

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Stingersuit Holiday!

Stingersuit Holiday! In the world of Exotic Waterwear, I’m constantly searching for something new and exciting, whether it be stinger suit design, fabrics or promotional ideas, all in an effort to keep changing things. You’ve probably heard the old saying “Change is as good as a holiday”. Is this indeed true ….I don’t think so. Give [...]

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