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Stinger suit Autumn

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Down here in Australia, with the arrival of March, we’ve shifted from summer to autumn and although for some that may mean less beach time, it certainly doesn’t mean less stinger suit time.

Seasonal change happens 4 times throughout the year and is marked by changes in the weather, hours of daylight and in the way organisms relate to one another and their surroundings.

Here we are losing daylight hours and those 40+ days have gone (thankfully!) leaving us with cooler, more hospitable temperatures. However that relentlessly damaging UV is still a factor that must be dealt with.

Climate change now means It has become a year-round proposition protecting one’s skin.

For those of you living in the northern hemisphere the “ice-cream headache” bone numbing cold of winter is finally retreating and spring has, or will arrive shortly in all its glory.

What a lovely time of year as your favorite bulbs burst into flower, songbirds sing melodically in search of a mate and you meticulously plan your much-anticipated summer vacation.

Aside from the above-mentioned, I believe a new season can also bring with it a change in ideas, a spring clean of old ways if you will, an opportunity to embrace new concepts and plan for the future.

For my mind it doesn’t matter what season you are entering nor what fabulous activities await, it’s time to plan on wearing a UPF 50+ stinger suit to protect your skin, that expensive body art, or help ward off marine stingers. After all, my plan is to look after myself as best as I can. What’s your plan?

Super Cool Cardinal Fish

In last week’s blog I highlighted just how far men have climbed up the evolutionary ladder and now we see them beginning to look after themselves (for example UPF 50+ Stinger suits for sun protection ) and taking a far greater role in the care and raising of their children. Some women may say “about time” however I say “good [...]

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Canyoning Accident

In last week’s blog, I strayed from stingersuits and wrote about a fantastic sport Neil and I got into here in Australia called canyoning - and why I love it so much. There are so many uses for a stingersuit, I wear mine canyoning under my wetsuit to make it easier to get the wetsuit off and [...]

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Why should I have an Exotic Waterwear Stingersuit?

Why Should I Have an Exotic Waterwear Stingersuit?While on a photoshoot of our Exotic Waterwear stinger suits, a lady who was interested in what we were doing approached me and asked ‘why would I want one of these, they look so cool but what is their purpose”?The first thing I spoke to her about was [...]

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Create Your Own Exotic World in a Stinger Suit!

Create Your Own ‘Exotic World’ in a Stinger SuitOne of the things I love about building up my business, Exotic Waterwear, is our photo shoots of our exciting stinger suits, matching bikinis and sundresses. In a way I guess the locations sort of mirror our Exostinger suits in that they are eye catching, creative, a [...]

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When is a Fish Not a Fish?

When is a fish not a fish? As a scuba diver, I have been extremely privileged to not only visit remote and beautifully exotic places, but to view first hand some of nature’s more bizarre creatures. Neil claims I am one of them, in my colourful stinger suits! For my money though, the Cuttlefish definitely fits [...]

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"Dam" Fine Lycra Suits

“Dam” Fine Lycra Suits As the proud founder (aka mother) of Exotic Waterwear, I’m always trying to find cool locations for photoshoots of our colourful lycra suits / stinger suits for Instagram and Facebook. Most of our locations thus far have been ocean and beach, beautiful, but always nice to do something different. We had a [...]

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Dog Gone It, I'm a Cat Woman

Dog gone it, I’m a Cat WomanIt’s ironic for, although I’ve selected some feline print fabrics for my stinger suits / lycra suits, I’ve always been known as a “Dog Person”I have had a few faithful ‘fidos’ that have featured prominently in my life. As a child the first was Daisy, a huge (to me [...]

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Sea Snakes - Inspiration for the Next Lycra Suit Pattern?

Sea Snakes - inspiration for the next stinger suit pattern? On my first overseas dive trip to Vanuatu, the tropical waters were so warm, some dives I only needed my lycra suit / stinger suit. It opened my eyes to a fascinating world of exotic fish, colourful corals and sunken wrecks. I encountered my first sea [...]

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Serendipity & Stinger Suits

Serendipity and Stinger Suits?How does serendipity relate to stinger suits or, as some people call them, lycra suits? As you may know, or have guessed, my husband and I love the great outdoors. One of the activities we absolutely love to do is canyoning and some years ago we explored one in the Blue Mountains [...]

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