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Tattoos and stinger suits

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Well, blow me down, here’s another great use for our funky UPF50+ stinger suits! Clients have purchased them to protect their tattoos from the damaging rays of the sun; their ink is quite an investment so naturally anything to prevent it from fading is well worth it. Stunning Paige has amazing body art, 

amazing yoga talent; and is an all round knockout in Exotic Waterwear!

Not having any tattoos myself, I took a peek into the world of body art and was amazed to find out 1 in 5 Aussies, Brits and Americans have one or more tattoos. In the 18 – 25 age group it’s more than 1 in 3 with almost ¼ of females claiming to have some ink done.

The fascination with body art isn’t a new thing and I was surprised to learn that in the late 1800’s, European aristocracy was inking up in a big way! Who’d have ‘thunk’ it? Maybe Queen Vic had a secret tat? I would imagine tattoos from that era wouldn’t have been as colorful or as expensive as today’s.

With custom work costing between $100 - $300 an hour, intricate designs can run into the thousands. I spoke to a few people and they said they paid between $3000 and $5000 for their sleeves.

After spending all that hard earned cash, not to mention the time gritting teeth in pain while the precious body art is done, I’m sure all want to do the intelligent thing and look after the lifetime investment. Sadly, the sun happens to be the biggest enemy of a tattoo.

It seems that we are back to talking about the dreaded UVA and UVB rays, the very same ones that cause skin cancer. It’s a double whammy! Consider this… as the sun tans your body to turn you that golden brown, it causes little buggers called melanocytes (thanks Neil for the technical term) to work their way up to the surface, ending up on top of that pride and joy tattoo. This means those ultra bright colors become dull and lifeless; the white, yellow and green will all get a brown shade to them…..yuk!

When Dr Debra Luftman, a dermatologist in California, was asked if skin cancer is harder to discover if a tattoo is placed over a freckle, mole or birthmark she said, “Yes, tattoo pigment can disguise or cover a mole, freckle or birthmark and colored tattoo ink may make it harder to detect an underlying skin cancer”. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t ink up, so long as you protect your skin from the sun.

Keep in mind, no matter your age, race or family history of skin cancer, you are still at risk if you are out in the sun. COVER UP like sassy Cheeky Smith. She doesn't want to risk damaging this beauty (artists: Nathan Lowndes & Chris Mataafa)!


According to GuidelineTattoos.com, new tattoos should be protected for at least the first 6 months, preferably avoiding the sun altogether. Clothing with built in sun protection is preferable.

You paid a lot of money for your body art so do the intelligent thing and protect it like the experts advise.

With an Exotic Waterwear bikini you can show off your artwork, then, like colorful Jess, slip on the matching ‘out there’ colorful stinger suit to protect both yourself and your precious ink from the damaging rays of the sun!

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