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Unique stinger suits

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Although there are various companies that produce stinger suits, they are not all alike, so I would like to tell you what makes Exotic Waterwear’s stingersuits unique.

Firstly, we need to define unique. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, unique is ‘being the only existing one of it’s type or, more general, unusual, or special in some way”.

During the past 25 years, I have been lucky enough to experience umpteen different ‘hobbies’, ranging from abseiling (rappelling) the Blue Mountains of Australia, bungi jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe or diving with whale sharks in the Maldives. I’ve been involved in what, for me, have been some truly amazing adventures. Throw in bushwalking, canyoning, canoeing, ocean swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and love of fashion, you can see I needed to find something I could wear that would be highly functional, extremely adaptable and fashionable.

Unable to find anything to fit the bill for my water hobbies, and also being a seamstress, I decided to design my own. I wanted sun protection, stinger protection and a way to slip into my wetsuit easily in the colder climes. The biggest hurdle was that I wanted foot coverage so I could slide into my wetsuit without having to put plastic bags on my feet, but wanted a bare ball of my foot to grip a surfboard or stand up paddle board. That’s when I had my ‘light bulb moment’ and designed my unique foot sleeve that allows the wearer choice as opposed to the all or nothing approach of other stinger suit manufacturers. You have three options, foot covered, foot partially covered or foot exposed. Slide into your wetsuit then adjust the foot sleeve how you would like! Pretty simple!


The next crucial thing was it must be fashionable so one can feel unique and chic. Tired of boring black, I looked for something that said ‘funky, fun and free spirited’. I’m pretty sure I got that covered!

One always wears something under a stingersuit and often times, for example, in between dives I take my arms out of the sleeves and let the suit drop to the waist. So I then needed something to match (and it’s always good to have some boob support as well)….another light bulb, make matching bikinis! 

I have a range of bikini tops and bottoms to suit most shapes. I’m particularly pleased with the balconette top as it gives that extra support if you are large breasted. As I like to say, it makes a little look like a lot and a lot look pretty darn good!

To cap it off, I figured a nice little matching sundress would be perfect. It’s made of the same fabric so you can throw it on right after a swim with no obvious wet spots and makes tropical travel or a day at the beach a breeze. 

And, added bonus, if you wear the balconette top under it, you have the boob support you need and can still have skinny cross over spaghetti straps with a low back dress, giving you a much better shape.

Having the matching bikini and sundress gives you so much freedom. I put on my bikini and sundress, grab my stingersuit, hop on the scooter and head to my favorite beach; doesn’t matter if the dress flies up! After catching a few early morning rays, I then slip into the matching stingersuit so I don’t burn to a crisp or suffer a wardrobe malfunction while playing in the shore break. Later in the afternoon I throw on the sundress and head out for a cocktail.


 Phew….another action paced day and I’ve got it all under control starting with my ‘unique’ stingersuit set! 

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